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Green Card Through Employment


What is employment-based immigration?

The US sets aside 140,000 immigrant visas (green cards) each year to be granted to intending immigrants based upon their employment abilities.

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What are the different preferences for employment-based immigration?


Priority Workers: Aliens with extraordinary abilities – Persons seeking entry under this class must have extraordinary ability in the sciences, arts, education, business or athletics. Their achievements must have been recognized nationally or internationally in the field through extensive documentation. Aliens seeking to immigrate under this category do not require labor certification or an offer of employment.

Priority Workers: Outstanding Professors and Researchers – Persons seeking entry as immigrants under this category must be internationally recognized as outstanding in a specific academic area and must have at least three years of experience in research or teaching in their field. This category requires an offer of employment in the form of a letter but does not require labor certification.

Priority Workers: Certain multinational executives and managers – Persons seeking entry under this category must have been employed for one year (in the last three years) by a firm, corporation, or other legal entity, or its affiliate or subsidiary. Applicants must seek to enter the US in order to continue to render services to the same employer or its affiliate or subsidiary in a capacity that is managerial or executive. This category requires an offer of employment in the form of a statement describing the duties of the position and the capacity in which the person will be employed but does not require labor certification.


Advanced degree holders and aliens of exceptional ability – This category includes workers with advanced degrees or their equivalent and workers with exceptional ability in the sciences, arts, or business, whose contributions will substantially benefit the national economy, or cultural or educational interests or welfare of the US. If an applicant’s skill is in the national interest, the individual is not required to have a specific job offer and will be exempt from the requirement of labor certification. National interest waivers can be applied for by either immigrating persons or their employers, and are granted if it can be shown that the alien will benefit the US economy, improve wages and working conditions for US workers, improve education and programs for children and under-qualified workers in the US, or improve the environment.


Skilled workers: People falling into this category require at least two years of training or experience. They must also obtain labor certification.

Professionals: People eligible for this visa category must possess a bachelor’s degree or its foreign equivalent and must demonstrate that the degree they hold is the typical requirement for entry into the profession. In this case, experience does not compensate for a lack of education.

Other workers: This category of visa is available to unskilled laborers with less then two years of training and experience. Waiting lists for these visas are up to 10 years.


Special Immigrants: This category of visa is available to special immigrants such as: people who are seeking reacquisition of citizenship, returning residents, religious workers, US employees abroad, etc.


Employment Creation (Investors in the US): This category allows conditional residency for persons who invest $1,000,000 (or, under certain circumstances, $500,000) in a new commercial enterprise that employs ten full time US citizens or permanent residents who are not family members of the investor. People granted visas for this category are given two-year conditional resident status and can file for the removal of conditional residency before the second anniversary of being granted the visa.  

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